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Free Preview - St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Kit: Murder Most Green

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Murder Most Green: Downloadable St. Patrick's Day Murder Nystery Party Game Kit

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"I organised your 'Murder Most Green' for all my family earlier this year. It was such a great party that we have decided to make it an annual event."
Ann Sullivan, 
County Kerry, Ireland

Florida St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Party
"Everyone is still talking about it and our faces hurt from laughing so much."

Barb & Bob Hannan,
Tampa Bay, FL
Canada St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Party
I just wanted to tell you how successful Murder Most Green was. Oh, we even had a Patrick lying in his coffin when the people arrived!"
Lynda McKenzie,
Freelton, Ontario, Canada

Boston St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Party
"I especially appreciate you explaining the mystery to me on the phone the day before - I couldn't ask for better service!"
Laurel Francoeur,
Boston, MA

Trinidad and Tobago St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Party
"They are asking when I will be hosting one again. I know I will be."
Chris McShine-Griffin,
Trinidad & Tobago

Ohio Retirement Home Murder Mystery Lunch
"Thanks for your excellent plot on 'Murder Most Green.' We are now gearing up to perform 'Death in them thar hills.' We look forward to future business with you!"

Kerri Krahel,  
Beacon House
at Forest Hill, 
St. Clairsville, OH

"My team really enjoyed using 'Murder Most Green' as a team-building event. I highly recommend your scripts!"

Susan Meredith,
Program Coordinator

TN Corporate Murder Mystery Team Building
"We did the production a couple of weeks ago for approximately 85 people and it was a blast. Our associates are still talking about it."

Tracie Betts,  
Buckman Laboratories,
Memphis, TN

Washington St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Party
"... you can actually call and talk with Jack if you have any problems or questions."

Brenda Granstrom,
Monroe, WA

"Everyone had a hilarious good time. This was my first attempt at a giving a murder mystery party, but your excellent step-by-step instructions made it such a breeze to pull off, I felt like a pro."  
Pat Doetkott, 
Yorba Linda, CA

Florida Church Easter Murder Mystery Party
I already have college students asking when we are going to do this again. Thanks for a great script, and a wonderfully fun evening."
Michele Rearden,
First Baptist Church, Naples, FL
"It was the first time we used one of your murder mystery stories and it was fantastic." 
Audrey Stormonth,
Wagga Wagga, 
New South Wales, Australia
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Murder Most Green: 7 suspects

Your guests are invited to a St. Patrick's Day party to honor Patrick Flaherty, owner of Flaherty's True Green Plant NurseryWhen they arrive, they find out that Flaherty died the previous night after a celebration of the nursery's centennial year.

Instead of having a party, your guests will be attending his wake. Family members and acquaintances pay their respects to Flaherty and, in the process, drop hints that Flaherty's death might be more than accidental. An undercover member of the local police force, who believes that foul play is prevalent, leads the homicide investigation.

Flaherty's True Green Plant Nursery
has been serving Blarney area for the last 100 years since Pader Flaherty, the nursery's founder, built a greenhouse to grow plants that thrived in his native Ireland. 

Through the years, operations expanded and, ten years ago, Pader's grandson, Patrick, became majority owner of a business that is still family-run. Today, Flaherty's is a major producer of shamrocks, supplying the entire state with the plant, especially for "the wearin' of the green."

Although rumors persist that all is not well, the family has maintained an outward calm, denying all  rumors of a rift. The business seemed to be going well until Patrick Flaherty's body was found in the pond at the nursery.

This murder mystery kit is a DOWNLOAD!

One of these suspects is a murderer . . .

Fiona Reilly Flaherty
Wife of the deceased. This was the second marriage for both Patrick and Fiona. They met two years ago while Patrick was in Ireland, and were married six months later in Blarney.

Rory O'Casey
The operations manager at the nursery. Although he had limited experience with plants, he was hired by Patrick to run the nursery. He lives in a small cottage on the nursery grounds.

Seamus Flaherty
Son of the deceased. He has never married and has spent his whole life in his father's house. He will inherit the nursery upon Patrick's death, the latest in a line of Flahertys who have owned the nursery for the past 100 years.


Molly Flaherty
Daughter of the deceased and Seamus' twin sister. Last year, she returned to Blarney after a 17-year absence. She has never told anyone about her life during her sojourn.

Sean Flaherty
First cousin of the deceased and a native of County Cork. He arrived in Blarney four weeks ago to "complete a task." His family members consider him to be a bit eccentric because he believes he is a leprechaun.

Kathleen Moriarty
An employee of the nursery. She was born in Ireland and has worked for Patrick Flaherty for four years. She is a self-educated expert on flowers and exotic plants

Megan Sheffield
The nursery's best customer. An aficionado of flora, she visits the nursery weekly to select fresh-cut flowers and potted plants to decorate her flat in Blarney.

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Frequently Asked Questions ...

How many people can participate in this mystery?

From 8 to 40 people can comfortably participate in the investigation. With a few modifications, a much larger group can enjoy the intrigues of solving the case.

Does everyone have a role?

The plot includes seven suspects AND an undercover detective to lead the investigation. These eight individuals are the only ones with assigned roles. Everyone else becomes a sleuth who uses effective investigative techniques to figure out the intricacies of the crime. Since the guilty party doesn't know who did it, everyone can attempt to solve the case.

What will I get when I order the murder mystery?

You'll get everything you need to conduct your investigation, including:

Information about St. Patrick's Day Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Murder Most GreenComplete instructions on how to conduct the investigation of Patrick Flaherty's death.  

Information about St. Patrick's Day Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Murder Most GreenRoles for all suspects that include family backgrounds and recollections of events surrounding the crime.

Information about St. Patrick's Day Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Murder Most GreenAn invitation to the St. Patrick's Day party honoring Patrick Flaherty.

Information about St. Patrick's Day Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Murder Most GreenInstructions for the undercover detective, and a letter from the Blarney Police Department explaining the investigation.

Information about St. Patrick's Day Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Murder Most GreenA series of written clues that can be exchanged or revealed at critical moments.

Information about St. Patrick's Day Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Murder Most GreenKey supporting information such as a map of Flaherty's True Green Plant Nursery, the coroner's report, and the last will and testament of Patrick Flaherty.

Information about St. Patrick's Day Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Murder Most Green"The Denouement" that is revealed at the end of the evening and ties the event together. Remember: MOTIVE, MEANS and OPPORTUNITY will point to the guilty party.

How much will I pay for this exclusive holiday whodunit?

The total cost is only $39.77 - AND you can download the entire mystery as soon as your credit card is processed.

You'll have a St. Patrick's Day Party that will keep your friends talking for years. What are you waiting for? Order NOW and the wind will blow gently at your back!

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