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Free Preview - Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Party Kit: Gobble, Gobble Death and Trouble

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An oven explosion ended the life of famed chef Ramsey Gordon. Was it a mysterious accident of a fowl case of premeditated murder? Gobble, Gobble Death and Trouble

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"Every time I checked on one of the teams to see if they were enjoying themselves they would break into laughter and express how much fun they were having ."  
Jeff Totten, 
Old Possums Bookstore, Broomfield, CO

Minnesota Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Theater
"Attendance increased each night. The audience was spreading the word, encouraging people not to miss it."

Vicki Morrison Goble,
Treasurer, Pequana Playhouse, Baudette, MN

"My biggest surprise was how much people got into it."
George Evans,
Alpine Lake
Community, WV

Indiana All-Woman Murder Mystery Fundraiser
"We had a lot of compliments and many want to know when we are planning another Mystery Dinner."
Michele Wendel,
Plymouth, IN

Oklahoma Christmas Murder Mystery Party
"I have never seen it so competitive. They opened their clue before their gift."
Sue Price, 
Sand Springs, OK

California Murder Mystery Party
"Our party was a great success. Everyone had so much fun and they commented that it went so smoothly! "

Michele Rendino,
Jewelry by MV, 
Yucaipa, CA

North Carolina Winery Murder Mystery Birthday Party
"I cannot thank you enough for all your creativity and work that goes into each 'case.'"

Wanda Merical,
Fayetteville, NC

Kimberley-Clark Holiday Murder Mystery Party
"Our team did 'Death in them thar hills' as part of our Christmas Party and had a GREAT time with it. The main characters all dressed up and did an outstanding job!"
Katie M. Born,
Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Appleton, WI

"It was the first time we used one of your murder mystery stories and it was fantastic." 
Audrey Stormonth,
Wagga Wagga, 
New South Wales, Australia
New York English Mansion Murder Mystery Party
". . . thought you'd like evidence of how much fun we had! Thanks for your help in planning this . . . it was great."

Janine Kilty,
Pittsford, NY

Indiana All-Woman College Murder Mystery Party
"We had a sell-out crowd. (Almost 140 guests!) We even had . . . others that were not able to get a ticket!"
Roxanne Torrence, 
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN

"You had everything so well laid out and planned that it ran just like clockwork."
Kaleen Solheim,
Portland, OR

order Gobble, Gobble Death and Trouble

6 Suspects: 3 men and 3 women - $39.77 - Easily used with as any as 60He was world-renowned for his gourmet turkey dinners. Chef and restaurant owner Ramsey Gordon attracted food aficionados from everywhere to his fine-dining establishment, "The Golden Gobbler." Known to be a tyrant of a boss and an ill-mannered business associate, his recipe for turkey had remained a secret for years, despite the protestations of those who proclaimed that the ingredients and formula for such a succulent dish should be shared with everyone.

Last night, Gordonís restaurant was to have been jam-packed with hungry customers, waiting for the chance to devour his famous main course. Yet, it was not to be. The famished fowl feasters were unexpectedly told the sad news that Gordon was dead, the victim of an unfortunate accident. 

For earlier yesterday, while lighting his personal oven - the one only he was allowed to use - an explosion rocked the restaurant, putting an untimely end to the career of the duke of the drumstick. The circumstances were suspicious enough that authorities investigated and proclaimed the death to be not an accident, but a well-calculated homicide.

Who would have done away with the wizard of the white meat with Thanksgiving in the air? And what of the secret recipe? Was it written down and stored in a safe spot, or would it vanish from the earth forever? Would "The Golden Gobbler" remain at the top of the restaurant heap or would Gordonís death signal the end of a legendary gastronomic treat? Only sound logic and expert sleuthing skills would solve the case and ensure that no clues would be left over. 

This murder mystery kit is a DOWNLOAD!

One of these suspects is a murderer . . .

Sue Shafinski - The Sous Chef
Sue was hand-picked by Gordon to be his number two at the restaurant. She and Gordon have had several loud arguments that could be heard throughout the restaurant.

Grant Barry Soose - Maitreíd
Heís worked for some of the finest restaurants in the city and adds a touch of class to the establishment, but has never before received the type of abuse leveled at him by Gordon.

Halliday Feast - Rival Restaurateur
Gordon worked for Feast until starting his own restaurant three years ago. Feastís clientele has slowly been moving its patronage to the "The Golden Gobbler." 


Gabby Goble - Turkey Farmer
Heís been supplying turkeys to "The Golden Gobbler" since Gordon opened the doors of the restaurant. Lately, Gordon has been questioning the quality of his birds.

Thomasina Torquay - Author of "The Tantamount Turkey Cookbook"
She guaranteed to her publisher that Gordonís turkey recipe would be in the next edition of her cookbook, scheduled for release next year.

Winifred Nerry - Owner of Mayflower Vineyards
"The Golden Gobbler" has been featuring her wines on the menu. Rumor has it that Gordon had struck a deal with another wine producer.

order Gobble, Gobble Death and Trouble

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

How many people can participate in this mystery?

The mystery is designed for a group of at least 6 people (3 men and 3 women). However, the instructions tell you how to organize a larger party (with as many as 60 people) without purchasing additional material.

Everyone without a formal role becomes an investigator who must use effective investigative techniques to figure out the intricacies of the crime. Since the guilty party doesn't know who did it (unless you want that person to know), everyone can attempt to solve the case. An additional role player, the Police Chief, will lead the investigation if you organize a larger event. 

What will I get when I order the murder mystery?

You'll get everything you need, including:

Information about Downloadable Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Gobble, Gobble Death and TroubleComplete instructions on how to conduct the investigation of the murder. An account in the local newspaper, The Horn of Plenty, will describe what happened.

Information about Downloadable Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Gobble, Gobble Death and TroubleInstructions for the sheriff on how to facilitate the investigation if you decide to organize a larger party. 

Information about Downloadable Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Gobble, Gobble Death and TroubleRoles for all suspects that include backgrounds and recollections of events that led up to the murder.

Information about Downloadable Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Gobble, Gobble Death and TroubleA series of written clues that are handed out to prepare the group for the murder mystery. 

Information about Downloadable Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Gobble, Gobble Death and TroubleKey supporting information, such as "The Golden Gobbler's" Special Thanksgiving Menu and Ramsey Gordon's Last Will and Testament.

Information about Downloadable Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Gobble, Gobble Death and Trouble"The Denouement" ties the event together. Remember: MOTIVE, MEANS and OPPORTUNITY will point to the guilty party.

How much will I pay for this exclusive whodunit?

The total cost is just $39.77. AND you'll be able to download the entire mystery as soon as your credit card is processed.

You'll have an event that will have people doing the turkey trot for years. Order NOW by clicking below! 

order Gobble, Gobble Death and Trouble

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